After 15 years on the road as an Entertainer/Comedian my first grandson

gave me a good reason

and place to grow some roots.

I settled in Murfreesboro, Tn to pursue another passion and watch my grandson grow up.

The second grandson came along

2 years later further increasing my desire

to stay close and succeed. 5 years of struggling I have found my niche in metal art mixing wood

and other medias from old to new focusing on using salvaged materials from corporate waste as

much as I can to form art pieces and furniture that are one of a kind. I recently added a CNC

plasma table to my otherwise collection of "old School" machinery to offer a full service machine

shop,welding & fabrication shop. I look forward to the challenge of creating your next dream piece.

I started this business out of my passion for saving old Americana by restoring, refurbishing or repurposing it into something

useful whether it be static art or functional furniture.

It breaks my heart to walk through the small appliance

department of Wal­Mart and hear toasters screaming

"Help me, I used to be a 57 Chevy"


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Charley Davidson

Some Of My Work

Made In

Murfreesboro Tennessee. 

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